Hi, I’m Eden


My life has taken many turns. I grew up in dance studios and I started my career by cruising the world as a showgirl (I graduated, with Honours, with my B.F.A in Dance from Ryerson University). When old injuries came back to plague me, I found my way into Pilates. I then went on to open my own Pilates studio (super proud of this, we were rated one of the Top Pilates Studios in Toronto by Blog TO in 2015).

And then I had a baby.

Life changed. I changed. The power of this forced me to streamline professionally so I could have more time at home. I sold my studio and went back to the one-on-one private session business model that got me started, and on which my reputation was built. Only this time it was about something more. It was no longer about burning calories and flattening tummies, but about changing how bodies work.

I went back to my roots and started studying again. I became obsessed with (and continue to study) Osteopathic Movement Therapy, Connective Tissue Theory and Functional Neurology at the Ontario Academy of Progressive Osteopathy. I also study, in depth, the ELDOA™ Method by Guy VOYER D.O.

I’ve brought all of this knowledge together to evolve my personal teaching approach, moving from providing just a workout, to providing a form of exercise-based therapy.

I then honed in on my work with professional athletes. In the spring of 2018, I joined Matt Nichol’s Off Season NHL Training Camp team; an exceptionally talented team that I am thoroughly proud to be a part of.

I love the details. That’s where the magic happens. I draw on a deep sense of body awareness I developed through my background as a professional dancer, and my work as a Certified Pilates Instructor and ELDOA™ Specialist to get specific with the needs of my clients.

My background as a dancer has made me obsessed with taking ‘good’ and making it ‘great’; a focus that lends itself to the mindset of professional athletes and executives beautifully.