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I am passionate about helping executives, athletes and weekend warriors connect the pathways within their bodies that allow them to feel their best and outperform the rest.


Hi, I’m Eden


What I Do

Through highly personalized one-to-one sessions, I draw on exercise-based therapies to uncover the true sources of body limitations.

We then move through the areas that feel “stuck" to reduce pain, enhance performance and recovery, and prevent injuries. 



Optimize Your Body and Mind

By combining ELDOA™ , a connective-tissue based exercise technique, with osteopathic-influenced techniques that improve biomechanics, you are able to access muscles at a deeper level, and balance the nervous system.

Even with my busy schedule, I always make time for my sessions with Eden. I always leave feeling strong, focused and ready to take on the challenges of the day.
— Donald K. Johnson, Member, Advisory Board, BMO Capital Markets & Order of Canada Recipient

Perform at Your Peak

Body Performance Therapy gives weekend warriors and professional athletes an edge and allows them to stay in the game longer. They are able to train harder, recover faster and prevent injuries.


Eden has a genuine passion for health and wellness. Through her blend of the ELDOA™ Method, Pilates and breath-work she is able to help clients restore functional pain-free movement patterns. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend-warrior or just looking to feel and move better, Eden is an outstanding resource.
— Matt Nichol, Matt Nichol Training System & Founding Partner of BIOSTEEL


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A Professional Athlete’s Career Longevity Secret
March 2019

ELDOA™ is a tool that contributes to a older professional athlete’s competitive advantage- not only will they have the experience younger athletes don't but they will STILL have the physical chops to back it up.

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March 2019

During a recent workout, I thought it would be cool to do a little ELDOA™ experiment. See the before and after videos for the full effect a few ELDOA™ poses had on my ability to do kettlebell wall squats.


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